IRC Blocked? what the hell ?!!?

I was working on KatKit, and needed some help regarding how to implement my much-desired plugin system. So I fired up my new IRC client, and awww hell… the connection timeouted. The same problem happened with other channels… eg #kubuntu . So i changed the port to a different value, and got the same problem.

Finally i decided to complain.
This was what i wrote to the sysadmin :

Dear Sysadmin,
It seems as if the IRC protocol chat (Internet Relay Chat) has been
blocked in the university campus. This is extremely restricting and
inconvenient as most programmers/developers communicate to each other
via IRC chatrooms. This has greatly slowed down my work on a particular
software project I am doing. I have to rely on some websites’ forums and
email for help and guidance from other developers and this is a very
slow process as replies can be delayed by hours and days. Even changing
the port number from 6667 to some other value does not work. It is NOT
something like yahoo messenger or gtalk, so I see no reason for it to be

Thus, I request that you take the necessary steps to remove this
unnecessary nuisance quickly, so that my work can be done faster.
Please reply to this mail ASAP

Yours Sincerely,
Aditya Bhatt (B.Tech 2008)

It pretty much says it all about my frustration… XD
No wonder sysadmins are the most hated folk on all acad campuses..^_^ All they seem to do is block stuff…

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