KatKit 1.0 alpha (as of now)

Well i should say most of the required functionality is there, file transfer, text message sending all works though there are some minor crashes ( though far lesser than in qommunicate 1.0, due to some hacks i did to nikhil’s code).
The GUI is still very immature and clumsy, so now that will be a bigger priority. I’ll create some custom widgets to pimp up my qt learning experience.

1. Beautify things.
2. Use a few custom widgets (just for experience).
3. Hack up the code a bit more to clear out the crashes. Adding qdebug() lines everywhere now should be a big help.
4. Plugins!!! Possible ways to implement them would include reading a plugin database file and registering them with the main application. The plugin maker person should include his/her own little program to configure his plugin. Though how to implement it, im not sure… that reminds me… i’m still IRC-starved!!! no help at all!!
4. Try for some more modularity… but then it would become too abstract for my liking…
5. Implement separate processes for separate tasks… like launch file transfers by passing params to a special file transfer program – or maybe let it be done by a plugin!!! NOTE: avoid race conditions!!!
6. Try making a KDE plasmoid for this program. I’ve intentionally kept the name of this program KatKit ( starts with a K ) so that maybe someday i can make a version of it using KDE libraries!!!

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