Gooey stuff

Well, since most of the core work is done, i thought i would give some effort to the GUI. In the First screenshot, the toolbar’s default actions have been limited to four, and each is separated from the others by category. By the way, note the word “default”. There’s more you can add to this toolbar, all you have to do is create a QList of QActions and read these actions from a config file created specially for plugins. These new actions will be appended after the last separator.

The icon theme is oxygen, of course, except for the main application icon, which i use as the mainwindow’s icon and the tray icon. It has been borrowed from … well… i cant remember. Will change it to a more original icon. But thats for later.
Note that the multicast and send buttons get highlighted only if someone is on the wire. Which is why they are grayed out in the snap.

This is a snap of the first tab of the settings dialog. Next to the group label is an editable combobox, so in case you want to make a new group, you can just write it in the field.

Status hasn’t been implemented yet, which is obvious from the snap, but in a few days everything should be finished.

Also, I might consider using a list view widget instead of the tabbed style, along the KDE lines… each element in the list view should have a 32*32 or 64*64 icon with a bold text like “Appearance”
below it.

And talking of some non-gooey stuff, im thinking of launching the file receive dialogs in separate processes… I already have ideas on how to implement it… 😛 looks like this will be in beta stage for a long, long time…

By the way, MVC programming sure is fun… yo.

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