svn-compiled Kaffeine for KDE4

This one has been my favourite video player ever since I started actively using linux as my main system. I’ve been missing it ever since KDE4 came out. So I decided I should give svn a shot.

I got it from “svn://”.

You need the parent directory “multimedia” to build it. Since you only want to test kaffeine, you can use the following commands to download the least possible:

svn co -N svn://
cd multimedia
svn up kaffeine

and build from the multimedia directory.

Well, the code is nicely written and easy to understand. But I did not see much on-the-surface difference from the KDE version, except for the obvious switch to phonon.

On the first view, it looks very much like the old kaffeine. There aren’t many new features, it seems. Looks like just a port from old to new.

The video playing view looks like this :

which looks simple with no frills, but with many features packed inside.

Below is a shot of the playlist section :

It aint bad… the lower left frame is a kde file chooser, the upper left shows a list of playlist (note that I couldn’t find any obvious way to rename the playlist…). The upper right listview shows the files in the selected playlist, and the lower right is a video player widget showing the currently playing video.

As I said, its just a port. Not much new.
One thing that’s badly needed is software sound amplification…

And, of course, some eye-candy in accordance with the KDE4 style !!!

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