Installing Arch Linux on my Acer Aspire 4530

This is the hardiest distro i’ve ever used, after so much distro-hopping. Even slackware was… well… easier…?

I decided to completely remove the existing system (kubuntu, which sucked big time), to make way for Arch.

So this is what i did :

1. I downloaded the 357~MB iso, which contained the core packages ( kernel, package manager, and some other little things … obviously no X ).

2. I looked around for a CD… but couldnt find one. I didnt have a USB drive lying around either. So i burnt it to a precious expensive DVD. 😛

3. Upon inserting the CD, i was greeted by a nice cheesy-looking grub screen. Oh, and one of the grub options was…. guess what? A SPACE INVADERS game!

4. I chose the Core install. Then I was sent back to the main menu. Then I chose the usual options like Clock settings and stuff.

5. Then I got the main menu with … well, have a look :

I chose prepare hard-drive and told it to format the entire disk… what the hell, i had taken backups… didnt matter.

I gave a 32 megs size to the /boot partition, 15 gigs to /, and the rest to /home…. lol my HDD is 160 gigs…:P

Then i was told to select packages from the disc. I chose all, including the devel packs.
And then, well… i installed ’em. What else?

6. Then i was asked if i wished to change settings. Well, this is not a next-door distro, so dont skip this step. You HAVE to change the default settings. And no, arch wont hold your hand. So this is all I did… I just added eth0 (dhcp) in the interfaces section of the /etc/rc.conf file.In arch linux, this file is the mecca of system settings.
Thus, I effectively told my system to request an IP address at the eth0 interface at startup using
dhcpcd eth0

7. I didnt have to change things anymore. So I rebooted and lo! My ethernet was working. So i first did pacman -Syu to update my system. This is always a good idea in any distro, since you get the latest kernel this way, and if you update later, it would always be a pain in the ass to persuade old kernel modules to love the new kernel.

More next time!! C ya.

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