My Experience with Dropbox on Ubuntu 9.04

Well. Since I have yet to receive my UbuntuOne invitation, i decided to have a look at Dropbox. Dropbox is an online Storage space where you can sync your files with your computers. It allows for seamless integration with your online storage space and your native file manager. Though Currently only nautilus is supported for linux, it has command-line support and stuff, so custom extensions for your favourite file manager can be made, such a dolphin plugin.

The default, free plan gives you 2 GB of storage space, and the non-free(as in beer) plans give 50 and 100 Gigs. Oh, by the way, if you are reading this, please sign up on dropbox using the link I have provided above…. I get 250 MB more for every user that signs up through this link yay!

Well, I downloaded the .deb for jaunty and installed it. Upon the first run, It said it would download a “proprietary daemon” to handle all the syncing. Proprietary. Well, i thought, what the hell, and clicked OK.
It then showed a progressbar indicating the download. I’m estimating the size to be around 20 MB.
Anyway, It then showed me a dialog for signing up. I filled in my details and then finished.

The daemon then placed an icon in my tray :

It works wonderfully. Clicking on the icon opens the new $HOME/dropbox directory. The daemon will download a few files and photos for the user to play with. The photos are placed in the dropbox/photos folder. And there is another folder : public. Any file you drop/copy to this folder will be uploaded to your online storage.

And the best part – you can right-click on any file in the public folder and select “copy public link”. This gives a read-for-all link that you can share with others!!! And no, it does NOT redirect to some premium download crap page. It is a direct, clean link.

As an example, this is the link to Katkit

I’m looking forward to having fun with this!!!