The relief.

The warm feeling of all tension oozing out.

The loosening of the tightness.

Ok, I’m talking about the feeling after the end of my exams.

First thing after returning from the last paper, I bought a BIG bag of Lays’ Chips, a Bar Cake, and a Dew – and started watching LOST. Five episodes, straight. Four hours gladly thrown down the drain.

Went home, enjoyed more wholesome LOST goodness, and ate stale lunch for dinner.

Did some random web browsing, read random new sites, random blogs.

Enjoyed the laughable scene in the kde-devel mailing lists, caused by a guy who identifies himself as a Mr.(Dr. ?) Wehner. Perversely enjoyed reading his hilarious “website” even more. Would have read it fully if the tangy/bizarre/epileptic-seizure-inducing formatting wouldn’t hurt my eyes. Man wants to “contribute” to KDE by incorporating a new “Wehner Compression” algorithm, but wants to use DLL files and write it in assembly. Also wants to patent it.

Here‘s the mailing list thread, enjoy it with a good cup of tea.

Started hacking on libface again, need to get the digiKam-friendly interface ready soon. Also need to upload some documents to complement my GSoC proposal.

Wrote this blog.

Some sort of a status update…

How long has it been since my last post? A month?

Well, that month has been an extremely eventful one.
I watched LOST. A lot.
I had my exams, which were painfully unproductive, to say the least.
In the three days after the exams and before the semester break, I knocked up Texas (TEXt AnalySer) , a program that analyzes scanned documents (images) that contain lots of printed or handwritten stuff (text), and intelligently detects and extracts text, drawings, et-cetra. It uses the openCV libraries.
Then I was off on a tour to Sikkim in the semester break. I went to Pelling, Gangtok, and Tsomgo lake. Had a chance to ride a yak on a frozen lake. Ah, and I took my laptop with me to code. Tell me if you know someone who can help me detox my computing/coding addiction.
I read the Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Freud’s theories of, well, you-know-what. I agree with him. Some more of Russell.
I got a tee from IEEE as a prize for getting a not-too-pathetic rank in their Xtreme Programming Contest. And a pen that says IEEE on it. The pen also has the name of some random unheard-of insurance company printed on it, which kind of spoils the fun.
I got in touch with Alex Jironkin, a potential mentor from KDE’s digiKam in this year’s GSoC. I want to implement Face Detection and Recognition in digiKam so that people in photos can be automatically tagged, resulting in better ways of organizing photos and searching.
He’s been working on libface, a cross-platform library hosted here on SourceForge that will one day allow everyone to incorporate facial biometrics into their own applications.
I got accepted as a developer for libface, got commit access, and have started to commit code whenever I have time. libface uses svn for version control, so that’s a minor irritant, but I’ll live with it.
I hope to get selected GSoC this year, so that I can get in touch with the digiKam devs and start working on the “fuzzy algorithm” parts of digikam.
Suffered from another ChePa exam this week. And guess what? More exams are due next week. Argh…