The relief.

The warm feeling of all tension oozing out.

The loosening of the tightness.

Ok, I’m talking about the feeling after the end of my exams.

First thing after returning from the last paper, I bought a BIG bag of Lays’ Chips, a Bar Cake, and a Dew – and started watching LOST. Five episodes, straight. Four hours gladly thrown down the drain.

Went home, enjoyed more wholesome LOST goodness, and ate stale lunch for dinner.

Did some random web browsing, read random new sites, random blogs.

Enjoyed the laughable scene in the kde-devel mailing lists, caused by a guy who identifies himself as a Mr.(Dr. ?) Wehner. Perversely enjoyed reading his hilarious “website” even more. Would have read it fully if the tangy/bizarre/epileptic-seizure-inducing formatting wouldn’t hurt my eyes. Man wants to “contribute” to KDE by incorporating a new “Wehner Compression” algorithm, but wants to use DLL files and write it in assembly. Also wants to patent it.

Here‘s the mailing list thread, enjoy it with a good cup of tea.

Started hacking on libface again, need to get the digiKam-friendly interface ready soon. Also need to upload some documents to complement my GSoC proposal.

Wrote this blog.

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