This landed in my mailbox today:

Hi Aditya Bhatt,

We have processed the evaluation for your project named Face Recognition in digiKam with KDE.

Congratulations, from our data it seems that you have successfully passed the Final Evaluations. Please contact your mentor to discuss the results of your evaluation and to plan your goals and development plan for the rest of the program

The Google Open Source Programs Team

This has been the one awesome year, from getting selected for GSoC to working with KDE and digiKam, getting paid to work on what I like to do, finally passing the final evaluations, going to a sprint in France next week, and also getting some/all exams waived in the beginning of next month. Awesome 😀

Looking forward to working more with digiKam, I have a lot of things I want to implement…

3 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. Dang, I’m excited to try this out! This is one of my most anticipated GSoC projects ever! *Thankyou* for doing what it took to complete it. You’re my Open Source Hero of the Day™. 🙂

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