A new year.

I haven’t blogged in about four-five months.This was one of the busiest periods of my student life, with a ton of personal, academic, and professional stuff that used up all of my time.

I gave a talk at (the last) FOSS.in, India’s biggest international open source event. Meanwhile, Nikhil Marathe made a web service using libface. It is named Mugshot.

In the three days of pure geekiness that FOSS.in afforded me, I decided to get my hands dirty with some code again. I and Sai Dinesh were looking for a small KDE app to port to the N900, and in about half an hour, Blinken was ‘ported’ (mostly involved removal of code rather than addition of it, ugly/hackish code’s here):

Bilnken 'Touch'

And all this time, I was preparing for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), which Indians give so that they can go to the US of A for postgraduate studies and then steal American jobs ;-P. Two days ago, I gave the exam and got a fairly satisfying score of 1460 out of 1600 (full marks in math and 660 out of 800 in verbal), so I’m happy now 🙂

As of now, I’ve started my sixth semester, and this time, all the courses I have are ones that I love. So I guess this is going to be one happy semester. I haven’t worked on any KDE/digiKam/libface stuff in this time, with my presence on IRC and the Mailing Lists decreasing to almost zero. I guess now I can start again. Now I’m reading b.k.o threads and upping from svn. Meanwhile, Marcel has been working tirelessly on face tagging in digiKam, picking up from where I left. I need to re-learn a lot of things and get familiar with new (and old) code again.

Oh, and I’m going to:

conf.kde.in 2011

I’ve submitted my talk proposal in the CfP; if it gets selected I’ll be talking about digiKam and it’s features. Fingers crossed.