Europe Tour, 2012

In June and July 2012, I backpacked across Europe for one whole month – visiting (chronologically):

  • Budapest, for a Prezi hack week. Didn’t join them later, but had fun.
  • Tallinn, for Akademy. Met several KDE buddies and got to know some new KDE-in people. OldTown was beautiful. Especially after two glasses of wine. Tried eating wild boar, but couldn’t finish it.
  • Helsinki. Reached here after crossing the sea via a ship (my first time). Visited some of the churches. Picked a random tram and got lost on purpose. Bumped into a (ex-Nokia, ha!) Django hacker there. Spent my 21st birthday there alone, walking about in the Helsinki Zoo and feeling content. Suomenlinna was very beautiful, with an excellent lagoon.Ferry to HelsinkiDucks Bomb Lagoon
  • Paris. Enjoyed everything. Couch-surfed with an old school buddy and also a fellow Indian KDE hacker. Had great evenings walking along the Seine, soaking in the beautiful live music in the golden night.Louvre
  • Milan. Stopped here for a few hours, waiting for trains.
  • Venice.┬áSpent hours sitting in the water buses, visiting the places of note, and generally walking around.┬áCouch-surfed at a wrestler’s place, where we were made to wrestle half-naked on a floor mat 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night. Awkward at first, but fun later. The body ached for a few days afterwards.Venice
  • Florence. Walked around a bit. Beautiful city, but wasn’t as fun because most of the exciting places were closed at that time.Florence
  • Pisa. Saw the leaning tower, didn’t pose for a photo with it. Had some excellent food.Pisa
  • Naples/Sorrento. Had a great time here. Stayed in a camp-like thing by the beach. Visited some nice places nearby like the Amalfi beach; climbed Mt. Vesuvius and walked along the volcano’s crater.Vesuvius Vesuvius2
  • Rome. My second visit. Was pretty tired at this point, so didn’t walk around too much. Saw some of the places I hadn’t seen before.
  • Prague. Upon landing here, discovered that the hostel I had a reservation with was way too far out of town to be practical. Bumped into a couple of Googlers from the ‘States who were similarly looking for a place, and found one after much walking about. Also, Martin of KDE Telepathy fame showed me the nicest places in the city – many thanks to him. This was also the most beautiful city I’d ever seen.Prague1 Prague2